Friday, April 11, 2008

Crazy Golf Statistics Nut

If you've been thinking it for sometime but had reservations about telling me, you can now call me crazy. I've recently updated my website with a graph that charts out my last four years of golf scores, as compared to boggy. I describe my madness right above the graph.

You're probably wondering why I've done this. Well, I'm the type of person who enjoys looking at data like this. I enjoy seeing the "trend" line go up or down. As you can tell in my graph, I typically get better as the year progresses.

I also like to compare and contrast my achievements. While shooting an 80 is great (which I did last year a few weeks before my son was born), I like to relate my low score with other rounds. I've actually got an entire collection of golf data for the past four years (when I took up golf seriously). I can see how many puts I'm taking on average, greens hit in regulation and fairways found. If I get sometime, I'll publish those as well so you can laugh at me even more.


Scooter said...

Excel? You need to insert trend lines for interpolation and extrapolation purposes so we can see what your golf score will be in 2025.

Mac Noland said...

You confuse me....