Saturday, April 26, 2008

Review: Coke Zero

If you're a big Coke fan, you've probably already tried Coke Zero. I, who hold no special allegiance to any soft drink, tried it for the first time this past week. And I loved it.

Two or three times a week I'll enjoy a diet soda (usually Diet Coke or Diet 7-UP). Then on the weekend (which I figure starts at noon on Friday), I have one or two regular, sugar filled drinks (usually Coke, Mountain Dew or Dr. Pepper). Using this formula I keep my soft drink consumption and calorie intake lower than I have in the past.

What I've found with Coke Zero though is it tastes so close to a regular Coke, I double my "diet" pop consumption and have reduced my regular soda intake. While I can't say the tastes are exact, Coke has a winner with Coke Zero.


tsnide said...

Yo Mac. Count me in with the Coke Zero crowd. Just waiting for the caffeine free version now...

Mac Noland said...

Yo tnide! Glad to hear you're on board with Coke Zero! I love the shit.