Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Free Drinks

One of the things I really like about Vegas is the free drinks when gambling. I actually consider this an obligation for the casino. If a gambler is willing to wager their hard earned money on a game of chance, they should be treated well.

Some of the smaller Vegas casinos will only offer tap beer or well drinks. At first this bothered me, but being I could play craps for $5, I felt a bit better about nursing a tap Miller Lite. If you play at some of the larger places on the Strip, you'll be offered premium drinks. My choices include Heineken and Jack Daniels, which were well represented last Thursday morning (until 7AM).

If your casino is running into financial trouble (are there any?), here is some advice. Instead of cutting back on liquor expenses, start giving away liquor and gradually raise the table minimums. It's amazing how a few free drinks can loosen up even the most fiscally conservative customers.

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