Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Favre is retiring. This may surprise you, but even as a Viking fan, I liked Favre.

He was my kind of player. A guy who would take hits and get back up. Someone who could throw five interceptions or five touchdowns. Or maybe even both.

He was not afraid to make mistakes which is something that those of us who don't like to make mistakes, can admire. He learned from those mistakes.

When was the last time you heard Favre was not playing because of an injury? You knew that he'd be out there every Sunday with fire in his eyes. His work ethic alone should be something we all use as an example of how to do our jobs.


Anonymous said...

Favre? Being from Minnesota it's tough if not impossible to admire him. How can you be a true Viking fan if you admire Favre? There are a couple of things that I can't stand out about Brett Favre.

First off he is the most dramatic football player in the history of the NFL. He may always get up after getting hit, but when do you see him get up without putting on an act?

Secondly, watching him on Monday night football with John Madden announcing is bar none the most annoying telivision program ever. He throws an interception but yet it was the best pass he has ever thrown. Give me a break!

Lastly, he is a pill popper! If we popped as much pills as he has, there wouldn't be a single case of carpel tunnel.

Mac Noland said...

As far as you comment on him being dramatic; I can't argue that, but what impresses me is he always gets up. Some guys, maybe most guys, would wait for the meat wagon to pick them up.