Saturday, February 02, 2008

Microsoft and Yahoo

I'm sure you've heard that Microsoft is making a move to buy Yahoo. I'm a minor shareholder of Microsoft and thus a bit torn on this move.

I use Yahoo for email, fantasy sports and sometimes to look up a stock price. My fantasy sports league costs be around $10 bucks. So the way I have it figured, Yahoo makes very little on me.

Now I'm most likely inundated with advertisements so I'm probably making more money for them that I think. So I'm guessing that is why Microsoft wants Yahoo. They continue to feel that online advertising is profitable and want to be a bigger player.

I'm also thinking that Microsoft is sick and tired of getting their ass kicked by Google in just about any consumer web technology. By merging MSN and Yahoo, they can hope to provide a better challenge to Google, the leader in anything you do with an internet browser.

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