Saturday, January 05, 2008

Too comfortable

I'm of the belief that if your wife sees you laying comfortably reading a good book, she feels the obligation to disrupt and hand out house duties. For example, this afternoon my son and I were taking a nap. To be honest, he was napping I was reading and supervising, as I like to put it.

My wife came into the room and in a quiet whisper said, "why aren't you sleeping?" To which I responded, "I was until you just woke me up." That's not 100% true as I was sleeping until my son woke me up about five minutes before she came in to check on us. After I got him back to sleep, a difficult task I might add, I began to read.

She left and shut the door behind her. Ten minutes later she came in again and gave me the one finger "come here" jester. Just like my mom used to do after I beat up one of my younger brothers.

Once out in the hall she explained that we had a number of things to get done. Given our son was sleeping, we could spend this time scrubbing toilets. No lie, she actually said toilets.

Wanting to avoid a fight, I got up and started to clean. When she left to go grocery shopping, I sat back down to read, which soon got interrupted by my awaking son. Apparently he thought dad was getting to comfortable too. Must run in the family.


Scooter said...

I took my daughter out of the house yesterday and went afield. That usually fixes it so I can't be tagged for anything unsavory.

Um..."'come here' jester"? Jester? Freudian slip?

Mac Noland said...

Yep, just a slip up. I should have used "gesture."

And I'll have to try leaving the house. That is one thing I have not thought about.