Friday, January 04, 2008

Sleeping through the night

My son just started sleeping through the night. I still have to "nook" him on occasion, but for the most part he'll fall back to sleep and give mom and dad some needed rest.

I'm not sure what is average, but it took him about five months. With solids in his stomach, he stays full from about 8PM to 6AM. As a side note, his diaper stays pretty full as well. It's like taking off a five pound mass of wet paper in the morning. Fortunately that's mom's duty.

This morning around 4:30AM he needed one of those "nooks". He has a propensity to toss his nook. Usually the crib's side rails will knock it down so it lands either below or above him. However, on occasion he'll heave it over the side.

When looking for the nook this morning I figured he must have heaved it. I felt around his crib and found nothing. Then I started searching the floor. Now remember it's 4:30AM.

The floor was bare. At this point the little monster is getting obdurate. He wants that damn nook. Common sense aside, I decided to turn on the light. Not the small table lamp in the corner, the monster light by his bed.

Once we had light, I started to search the room's corners and such. Using the "Little Engine that Could" book I fished under his crib and got a hit. There it was, at the nexus of the crib's real-estate. Again using the "Little Engine that Could" book, I was able to bat the nook over to a location where I could reach.

By this time his eyes had adjusted to the light. He was wide awake. Doing what any good parent would do, I turned out the light, stuffed in the nook and headed back to bed. Eventually he did fall back asleep, but awoke again at 5:45AM. His nook was placed conveniently next to his right hand. By this time though it was time to feed so I marched downstairs and mixed a six ounce bottle of sow. We both enjoyed it.

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