Monday, January 21, 2008

Study Abroad Gets Expensive

Paul Tosto from the St. Paul Pioneer Press has a good article on the rising cost of "study abroad" options for college students. The weakening of the U.S. dollar is making all international opportunities more expensive. Even school I guess.

While more expensive, I think it's important for students to study abroad. In Tosto's story he states that the University of Minnesota - Carlson School of Management will be requiring all undergrads to have some kind of international experience before graduating. This is a great idea.

If I had the opportunity to do my undergrad over again, I won't do many different things. I'd meet the same people, take many of the same classes and so almost all the same things. However, I would change one thing. I would have studied abroad.

My middle brother did his teaching practicum in Prague. While expensive, it was a great learning experience for him. If I had to do it all over again, I'd follow in his footsteps and study abroad. I'd suggest all undergraduates do the same.

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