Monday, January 28, 2008

Get Your Tickets

I'm not going to the Super Bowl. Not only do I like to watch football on television, but I also don't feel like paying between $2736 and $9227 for a ticket. I'll wait while you catch your breath.

On an upper deck ticket behind a tall guy and between to obese humans starts at $2736. I heard the face value of the ticket is between $700 and $900. So you can imagine is making a nice commission.

Why would anyone pay this much to watch a four-hour football game? Even if my team (i.e. Vikings) were there, I would not pay those prices.

If your favorite team was playing, how much would you pay to watch a sporting event? I'd probably pay $150 for the seventh game of the World Series. Not a penny more though.


bosshart said...

When I was 18, Eric Clapton went on his "final" US tour. I really liked his music, not the cool Cream + Yardbirds stuff that most people like though, I liked the cheesy 80's material. I shelled out nearly $300 for 9th row. I figured it was worth it since he was a rock legend and it was his last tour.

He didn't play any of his 80's music. He's been on about three more "final" US tours since then.

Mac Noland said...

LOL! So I'm guessing you would not do this again?

bosshart said...

I might, but I would bring a date. I went by myself and was surrounded by the baby boomer couples who could actually afford $300 tickets. When he played "wonderful tonight" they all started making out. It was a little uncomfortable.