Sunday, January 13, 2008


My wife and son were sick yesterday so against my will, I was sent to the grocery store. The grocery store is uncharted for me. My wife does most any type of shopping for us. Even her own birthday shopping in certain instances. But you adjust when someone is sick.

She wanted me to pick up cannellini beans. I thought I'd heard of them before and figured they'd be easy to find. I was wrong.

I headed down the aisle with canned goods. You know, canned fruit, canned vegetables, canned meat, and just what I was looking for, canned beans. On the top three rows I found garbanzo, pinto, kidney (both dark red and light red), black and chili beans. No cannellini beans. On the bottom three rows I found golden hominy, great northern, butter, white hominy, refried and baked. That's a lot of beans. Where in the hell are the cannellini beans?

I thought about tracking down a young high school kid to help me. But using good judgement, I decided to avoid frustrating both myself and the ignorant kid.

I called my wife frustrated. Even an astute shopper like her could not point me in the right direction. She figured that I was either overlooking it, or simply not even in the right spot. And as it turns out, we substituted an extra can of chili beans.

This was a good learning experience though. I didn't know there was so much variety in beans. I guess next time I have a bean dish, I'll have to pay more attention to its ingredients. I'll be looking forward to trying those white hominy, what ever the heck they are.

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