Monday, December 10, 2007


The past few months I've dedicated myself to walk up the stairs instead of taking an elevator or escalator. Work or play, I've been pretty adamant about it. My thought is that I might be able to burn off one or two more calories.

At first the thought was ominous. Even my colleagues and family were worried about me. Oddly enough I think my once insane actions are catching on. For example, my Monday team meeting is on the sixth floor at work. All but three team members now take the stairs. The "others" - as I refer to the elevator people - are either injured, smoke or don't have time.

At the mall, I sometimes find my wife following me up the stairs. She likes the way it makes her butt feel. Me too!

Even at school where students have a propensity to being lazy, I see a number of people now climbing stairs. More than taking the elevator I would imagine.

Are all these people taking my advice and somehow seeing me as a model of fitness? I doubt it, but I am glad to be taking the stairs over those stuffy elevators where everyone avoids any bit of conversation - or exertion for that matter.

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