Thursday, August 23, 2007

“The Road” – stuck in my head

Alright so I read “The Road” and for some reason I can’t seem to stop thinking about it. That’s odd, as I forget about most books just seconds after closing the final page. Like I’ve said before, I still don’t like the book but it’s like song stuck in my head.

In the Upper Midwest, it’s been raining for well over five days – or so. Could we be entering an ashy rain like the father and son did in “The Road?” What if this is how the end of the world got started?

I’m sure some English major will refute my worry and verify the ashy rain was from nuclear fallout – which I’m pretty sure we’re not experiencing here. But who knows, maybe “The Road’s” story was started by a continues rainfall. With no sun to re-supply humans with vitamin E (I think that’s a vitamin we get from the sun), a mad scientist gets depressed. While suffering from depression, he/she develops a dirty bomb and sells it to a terrorist group (there are a number to choose from). Once the terrorist group has the dirty bomb, they threaten the United States and want to negotiate making their religion the official religion of America. The President refuses to negotiate with terrorist – a practice I back – and thus the world is ended.

See, all of this rain could be the end of the world and basis for McCarthy’s book.

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