Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Riding a mule

Yesterday Fark aggregated an article describing how a man (Ron if I remember right) rode his mule from Minnesota to Wyoming – in search of work I believe. A hundred years ago this story would not be so far fetched, but now days the luxury of riding a mule is unheard of. Maybe mule riding is coming back in vogue?

Just think of the benefits. Global warming would come to a screeching halt. Those large SUVs would be replaced with a hay eating, water drinking pack mule.

No longer would we need foreign oil. With mules, the only things we need oil for is making plastic or running old fuel oil furnaces. We produce more than enough domestic oil to fulfill our needs for plastic and home heating.

Hate car repairs? While I vet might be just as costly, with a good diet and steady workout, we can keep those mules in good enough shape that they’d avoid breakdowns – or so I assume.

We might take a step backwards on transportation efficiency, but to be honest I think the fast pace lifestyle we live could slow down just a bit. Commuting to work with your pack mule would help.

My list is just the beginning of all the great things that mules can provide. With the state fair just around the corner, I’m going to skip over to the barnyard to see what there is to offer. Maybe I’ll be riding off in a brand new mule.

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