Monday, August 13, 2007


Why do we golf? I find it frustrating, expensive, and time consuming. Yet I love it. Why?

First of all, I enjoy long walks. Where better to walk than a hilly golf course. When you zig zag your ball across 6,000 yard course, you’re walking well over four miles. Throw in the distance between tees and you can walk between five and six miles. Not bad for those of us that love moving around on our feet.

Second, I’m very competitive. Though I get frustrated at times, I enjoy a good challenge. Golf takes both mental and physical strength. Have one without the other, and you’re not golfing very well. The mental challenge and physical aptitude brings out the competitor in me.

Third, it’s fun to do with friends and family. My middle brother, Patrick, is my favorite golfing contemporary. We’re pretty equal in play and enjoy helping each other get better – or at least not get any worse.

Fourth, it’s a game you can enjoy for years. Just this morning, Patrick and I saw a number of male and female groups all in their seventies. From what I’m told, you can’t play football after retirement. You can play golf though, and believe me I look forward to that day.

Fifth, there is the excitement of hitting the perfect shot. A iron shot just inches from the cup, gives the golfer a feeling of accomplishment and glee. It makes life exciting.

I’m sure there are other reasons why we golf, but this is a few of them. Next time I hit a shank shot, I’ll try to remember my list so I don’t break a five wood over my knee.

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