Thursday, August 28, 2014

UMD - 20 Year's Ago this Labor Day

20 years ago on Labor Day weekend, my parents and brother’s dropped me off at UMD.  I believe it was a Saturday, possibly mid-morning.  After a few tears and hugs, they took off in the green Aerostar and headed back to Hayward, MN.

My first memory of UMD was walking down the hall and noticing that two doors down on the opposite side of the hall, an obnoxious, hyper, loud talking jackass was telling his tall, bookish roommate (the Doctor) how good Metallica sounded on his speakers.  And how cool it was to have tinfoil over their window to block out the sun.  All the while drinking Cherry Pepsi and yelling out Pearl Jam lyrics.

My roommate, Chris Beese, and his family ended up showing up that afternoon.  Upon arrival, Chris’s dad Gary Beese, took the opportunity to break in the Grigg’s A (1st floor) bathroom and shower.  After drying off and exchanging pleasantries, Chris kicked them out of the room and decided it was time to start meeting the neighbors – after reading a chapter of his latest Star War’s book of course.

From what I remember, Chris warmed up to the new neighbors right away – Eddie Vedder included.  Could have been the Cherry Pepsi, or the fact the Doctor was a hunter, or that they both had cars.  I shied away, primarily because of how proud they were of being from “The Cities,” which I immediately presumed meant they were rich.  In any sense, we agreed to hit the freshman dance at the Kirby Ballroom later than evening.

Turns out that our interest in finding house party trumped staying at the dance for any length of time, and being both Eddie and the Doctor had cars, we were mobile.  Odd as it may sound, I had run into an upper classman by the name of Tom Goodnature in the parking lot earlier that day.  I knew Tom from back in Albert Lea, and even back then, he seemed to have a good sense on where the party was.  He had mentioned the possibility of having  some people over at his place, and so with that hint of an opportunity, we took off to drink a few beers at Goodie’s place.

The rest is mostly history.  After loosening up on five to six Milwaukee’s Best, turns out Eddie and the Doctor weren't that bad after all.  20 years later, along with the myriad others I met at UMD, we remain good friends.  Though, Eddie has stressed this friendship on a number of occasions – getting strip searched at the Canadian border included.

Decided to share this story for the 20th anniversary of our freshman year at UMD!  Go Bulldogs!

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