Wednesday, September 15, 2010

2010 West Blue Golf League - Results

Here are the results from the 2010 West Blue Golf League.

1st - The Mulligans
2nd - Swing Doctors
3rd - Earth Movers (over Mentally Handicapped)
Consolation = Pinseekers (over Double Eagles)

The tournament weather was around 70 degrees, but with a prevailing two-club wind. I'm thinking the wind, along with the Gopher Football's poor play against South Dakota, affected most of the players (Travis Ranger and Jim Conry excluded). Compared to years past, scores were down about three strokes. We also had our first + score under my tenure. Unacceptable.

Lastly, the three-sum taking second was due to a no-show. The two defined three-sums finished 9th and 12th.

1st - Bjerken, Wagner, Spilman, Schwartz (-9)
2nd - Porter, Braxmeier, Remarke (-8)
3rd - Gleiter, Trzynka, Fermoyle, Gebhart (-7)
4th - Price, Noland, Loya, Gerding (-6)
5th - Steigerwald, Conry, Englert, Finander (-6)
6th - Kuznia, Prout, Rehfeld, Walberg (-5)
7th - Hanson, Augst, Harlow, Piere (-5)
8th - Sole, Lenz, Ronning, Rowan (-3)
9th - Wendt, Madigan, Mohs (-3)
10th - Schwartz, Kroening, Olenius, Rager (-3)
11th - McNaughton, Hunecke, Grausnick, Vlasak (-2)
12th - Meggitt, Tschida, Daml (+2)

Longest Drive #3 - Gerding (280 yards)
Closest to pin #4 - Fermoyle (not even close)
Closest to pin #7 - Prout (driver into the wind)
Closest to pin #16 - Bjerken
Longest Put #18 - Rager

Two skins were awarded. The Gleiter, Trzynka, Fermoyle, Gebhart team eagled #1 for the first (second year in a row that a eagle took a skin here). And the Bjerken, Wagner, Spilman, Schwartz team birdied #11 for the second.

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TSnide said...

Sounds like a fun tournament; the wind makes for a nice challenge. Hopefully I'll be back in it next year.