Friday, July 02, 2010

Naomi Campbell's Diamonds

Model, Naomi Campbell, has been called to The Hague in former Liberian President, Charles Taylor's human rights trial. Her involvement with Taylor? Accepting diamonds as a gift from the suspected murderer.

Simply accepting diamonds isn't a crime. However, Taylor has denied to harvesting "Blood Diamonds" from Sierra Leone rebels, which he's been accused of funding. If Campbell admits she got diamonds from Taylor, then his connection to diamonds of any sort, is established.

Why am I sharing this story? Because at the end of the article, we find that Campbell not only accepted diamonds, but "was disappointed because she thought she was going to get a big shiny diamond, not rough pebbles."

Where do people like Campbell get nerve to complain about diamonds, most likely harvested by a group of rebels committing genocide? Time to get rid of my Naomi Campbell bobble heads.

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