Saturday, May 08, 2010

Organic Beef

A good friend of mine has gotten into the organic beef business. He moved back to our home town of Hayward and has started to help his dad run the farm. He's a bit of a health nut so the organic farming fits right up his alley.

I'm committed to buying a quarter cow. From what I can tell, this is about 150 pounds of beef, hanging, that will result in around 125 pounds of consumable product.

The dollar figure is sketchy at best, but I'm looking at paying $2.40 per pound for hanging weight and then another 3-4 bucks for processing. (The processing will be done at Nick's Meats, which is a regionally known small-town meat shop just blocks away from where I grew up.)

I don't grocery shop and thus have little idea if 5-6 dollars a pound is a good deal. However, my gut and wife tell me that if it's good product, $6 a pound for organic beef is a good deal.

The one problem is space. Because I don't have enough space to house 125 pounds of meat, I've been pawning off small amounts to family and friends. My goal is to sell off (not for profit) 50 pounds. I'm pretty close.

If this goes well, I plan on trying his pork later this year. Buying a hog is a smaller commitment and provides ample opportunity to get bacon, sausage and my favorite, brats.

Two questions: 1) do you believe in organic foods? 2) do you believe in buying meat in bulk?


TSnide said...

I personally have no reason to buy organic-only, but my wife would love to eat nothing but. I do prefer the organic burgers, believe it or not. But I, like you, don't have the freezer in the basement like my grandmas did.

Lisa said...

Hmmm, I live in Burnsville. We don't buy a lot of meat, but when we do, it's organic. I'd consider buying 10 of your lbs. I think that would fit in our tiny extra freezer :)