Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Father’s Retirement

My dad retired last week. After 25+ years of teaching for the State of Minnesota, they finally kicked him out. Obviously I’m kidding. From what I can tell, by the awards and recognition he received throughout the years, he was a tremendous instructor and beloved by faculty, staff and students.

I asked him how he felt about retiring. While I was expecting him to be glad, I think in a way he’s going to miss being at the school. You see, unlike most of us, he loved his job. He never made a ton of money (teachers never do), but he loved going to work and I admire that.

One of the problems with being in Corporate America is that you’re bound by what I’ve called Golden Handcuffs. You make good enough money that it would hurt to take a different position – one you might enjoy more.

I’m not complaining too much as I do enjoy my job and find it rewarding. That being said, when the day comes for me to walk away, I don’t think I’ll miss it one bit.

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