Tuesday, April 20, 2010

All Inclusive?

We did a all inclusive package in Mexico. All inclusive is where you pay a flat rate for food and drinks. Our logic was that since the six of us (3 couples) would be enjoying casual cocktailing starting around noon, we'd be saving money by going all inclusive. I think it turned out in our favor.

Using my brother-in-law's drunken math, we paid around $100 per person, per night for lodging, drinks and food. That's not bad. The resort was a five star (which could be debated), had name brand liquor (e.g. Captain Morgan, Absolute, etc,.), buffets, and sit down, order-from-the-menu restaurants.

Using my now sober math, I'm thinking that if we would have paid individually, we would have paid around $200 a person, per day. Though I will admit, all inclusive may have increased our food and alcohol intake.

Do you do all inclusive? If so, do you feel like you got your money's worth?


Scooter said...

Next time you should come to paintball. You can pretend you're shooting deserving criminals. I'll pretend I'm grizzled sea captain Gresafe.

Anonymous said...

We did all inclusive last year when we visited Mexico. It's the perfect arrangement for first time visitors. It has all the advantages you mentioned in your blog but it discourages you to try something different outside the resort.