Thursday, March 11, 2010

Review Time

My review is Friday. I put myself in for a fully met expectations, or otherwise known as a three.

I use the same rating every year. Why? Because for 95% of us, raises and promotions are based on business results, not on personal performance.

Performance reviews are a company's way to document troubled employees, or document progress for employees longing to get promoted. For the rest of us, they are nothing more than a nuisance.


Scooter said...

Done correctly, they're a good basis for your interview for another job. When I do wider feedback, I'll often include some of the resume bullet points I see missing for the person so they have them to transfer a few years down the road when they can't remember the business impact of what they had been doing.

Mac Noland said...

You're such a manager.

Scooter said...

Been doing that since I was a 2. Need to make them useful for the recipient in some manner.