Monday, December 14, 2009

Google's Nexus One

Google's announcement of Nexus One (their forthcoming cellphone) will be interesting to follow. I'm sure the experience will be incredible, but success will depend on if they can get enough users on the platform.

Though I'll never be qualified to give Google input on strategy, through, what I believe is ratiocination, I would suggest ridding out the Android wave (no reference to Google Wave), rather than potentially harming the budding relationship Google has with today's carriers. What I mean is, Android is becoming a serious challenger to the iPhone. Why introduce your own phone and possibly alienate the carriers?

My guess is one of the driving factors is that Google feels the U.S. should adopt a more open hardware/software market for phones, similar to Europe. Currently, most Americans pick a service, then receive a hardware/software (i.e. the phone) subsidy for signing a contract. From what I'm told, in Europe it's more common to buy a phone, then buy your service.

Or, Google could surprise us all and enter into the wireless services market and sell us not only the phone, but a monthly service. They have shown interest in buying unused radio frequencies.

Do you think Google is doing the right thing by creating their own phone?

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