Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Drinking and Golf

A friend of mine was surprised when I told him I never drink and golf. He said "Do tell," and so I did.

Here is my deal: I see golf as a sport, not a social event where you chat about old girl friends and upcoming football games. For some reason, one sip of beer turns my aggressive attack of the course, into a four hour bird watching tour.

I also, when given the option, never take carts. I walk. There are some courses (e.g. Giant's Ridge) that force carts, but if the course allows you to trot among the divots, rough and trees, I'll choose trotting.

Don't ask me to golf with you if you want to drink and drive carts. I'll be walking and sipping water.


bosshart said...

Ha-ha. I agree. I am a terrible golfer when I'm sober. Drinking on the course just makes me want to take a nap.

Mac Noland said...

And if I did drink on the course (which again, I don't), I'd like for them to serve good beer like Summit or Surly. What's with the cart full of light beer?