Sunday, September 13, 2009

2009 West Blue Golf League - Results

Here are the results from the 2009 West Blue Golf League. If you're curious, my team is Kraft Dinner.

1st - Mentally Handicapped *won in one hole suden death playoff.
2nd - The Mulligans
3rd - Kraft Dinner (over Double Eagles)
Consolation = Bushwoods Finest (over Missing Links)

1st - Gleiter, Spilman, Fermoyle, Rehfeld (-12)
2nd - I. Kuznia, B. Kuznia, Braxmeier (-11)
3rd - Schneiderhan, Wiegel, Sole, Kroening (-9)
4th - Hanson, Schwartz, Smith, Finander (-9)
5th - Stoltz, Remarke, Prout, Olenius (-9)
6th - Noland, Loya, Maurer, Ronning (-9)
7th - Mohs, Trzynka, Walberg (-8)
8th - Martin, Piere, Kieth, Loos (-8)
9th - Porter, Richter, Conry, Brett (-6)
10th - Steigerwald, Vlasak, Grausnick, Hunecke (-4)
11th - Lutz, Rager, Wendt, Dehnert (-3)
12th - Tschida, Lenz, Rowan (-2)

Longest Drive #3 - Schneiderhan (316 yards)
Closest to pin #4 - Schneiderhan
Closest to pin #7 - Spilman
Closest to pin #16 - I. Kuznia
Longest Put #18 - Tschida

Two skins were awarded. The Martin, Piere, Kieth, Loos team eagled #1 for the first. And the Lutz, Rager, Wendt, Dehnert team birdied #16 for the second.

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t-snide said...

Thanks for running this. I normally am not crazy for scrambles, but this was a good time, and didn't take 5+ hours as scrambles often do.Nice shot on 18 I believe the late great Harvey Penick said, when announcers talk about other sports as "a game of inches," what does that make golf?