Monday, June 29, 2009

Holidays and special events

I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that life would be easier without holidays and special events like weddings. It may sound like I'm being negative, but I'm not. I'm simply concluding that signature dates set expectations. And expectations are often not achieved, leaving one or more parties upset. It's easier and more satisfiable without them.

If it was up to me there would be no global holidays. People could celebrate Christmas, but on the day they deem most accommodating. Things like weddings would be virtual. Family members not able to make the date could download it at there convenience. See how much better everything could be?


t-snide said...

Not sure of the solution, but I agree with the premise. We wait all Winter for those Summer weekends, and they get filled up with Graduations, Weddings, and Reunions. It's why I'm glad I don't have too many friends, and my family doesn't miss me.

Scooter said...

I've often told my wife that one of the goals of my life has been to prune back the number of people I know on a daily basis in order to avoid similar issues. It seems like there's a season of marriages, followed by a season of births, followed by a season of graduations, followed by a season of divorces and remarriages and then a season of deaths, and do it all over again. I can only assume Facebook is going to make some of those things harder to escape. My wife and I have been pretty much in agreement about swapping out duties, however. We seldom feel the need for both of us to be at an event, which has served us well.

David said...

I love graduation party ham sammy's and cake.