Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Thoughts on the Catholic Church

Two-thirds of my house is Catholic so have to be careful what I say. However, it appalls me that the Catholic leadership is upset that Barak Obama is speaking at Notre Dame's commencement, and the honorary degree he'll receive.

Most churches, Catholic included, are in trouble. Young people, such as myself, aren’t going. And if we're not going, the revenue stream they expect will run out. Since young people seem to like Obama, I'd suggest the Catholic leadership not try to upset young people anymore

In other news, during 2008, the Catholic church paid out over $400 million in sexual harassment lawsuits.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes older folks are appalled at so many things about organized religion too. :) The Catholic churches pediphile problem vs. its insistance that priests must be male and celibate is a headbanger for me.


Anonymous said...

Did you know that churches now have automatic withdrawl? Some young people do not go but still give. Did you know it is appropriate to dontate 10 percent of your income?

Mac Noland said...

Kay, I can't agree more.

Anonymous, if I give 10% of anything to anyone, it will be to my son's college fund.