Monday, March 02, 2009

Stub and Herbs: Cocktails and Dinning Emporium

My wife and I went to the Gopher vs. UMD hockey game on Saturday night. The Gophers won. Being a UMD graduate, I was hurt by my wife's showboating. However, being I'll hold a degree from the U of M soon (three more classes), I got over it quick.

Before heading home to relieve the babysitter, we stopped into an old favorite of mine - Stub and Herbs: Cocktails and Dinning Emporium.

Stubs has always been known for a large and eclectic beer supply. Nothing has changed. I was pleased to see they had Surly Furious. I enjoyed three of them.

The other thing about Stubs that I forgot about (or most likely never remembered, given I was in college during my regular visiting days) was how great their burgers are. My wife even commented on their food, which is a pretty good indication that people, outside of me, like the food too. She's an incredible critic and can predict the demise or success of a restaurant in one visit.

Being Stubs is located down the block from the new football stadium, and I have season tickets, I plan on getting back soon and enjoying the large supply of libations. I'd encourage you to do the same.


Anonymous said...

Sterbs was there and popular when I was at the U back in, er, well, many years ago. I wonder if it's still owned by that woman, Sue Jeffers, who was totally crazed about the indoor smoking ban. She was convinced she was out of business if the ban passed. The place should be well placed again when the stadium is done.


Mac Noland said...

it's funny you say this. They have tee-shirts "Your Grandparents drank here." ;)

Yes, I believe she still owns the place. Looked pretty busy to me!