Monday, February 02, 2009

Review: Schlitz

I picked up a six-pack of Schlitz for the Super Bowl. The last time I had Schlitz was an ice fishing contest in the winter of '96. If my memory serves me right, I actually had Schlitz Ice - if there was such a thing.

The new Schlitz marketing caught my eye three months ago. Something about an old recipe. However, it wasn't until Tom Powers wrote about them sponsoring a weekly pond hockey game in the West metro that I decided Schlitz deserved another try.

My effervescent attitude might have introduced a slight bias, but I enjoyed the ice cold Schlitz so much, I'm planning on buying more in the near future.

The new recipe is smooth to the pallet. It's got some body that you can't find in a Bud or Miller. While you can drink it anytime of the year, I'm envisioning Schlitz being a great deck beer for summer. I plan on adding it to my list.


David said...

I think it was the marketing gig was "The Classic 1960's Formula is Back!" however you say you like the new recipe?

I suppose its a situation where old is new again. Meaning they changed the recipe after the 1960's so its new to you. I have no idea, the first time I had one was this summer.

Mac Noland said...

I suppose you can interpret my "new recipe" incorrect. Yes, I meant the old recipe, which was new to me at that moment.

Though I think my point was made and you're simply arguing semantics.