Monday, January 12, 2009

Patrick Reusse

Patrick Reusse starts his full-time radio career today. He has taken over AM 1500's morning show, running from 5:30AM - 9AM. The dubious Jay Coles is staying on as a side kick.

Patrick replaces Willie Clark who was let go a few weeks ago after two years of manning the time slot. While Clark often stumbled through the program, I enjoyed his sarcasm and often, emotional appreciation for anything cheap.

Some people don't like Patrick, but I love him. I love his constant criticism of everything. He's a realist - much like me - and doesn't buy into the antics of car salesmen like Tim Brewster (Gopher Football Coach) or incompetent general managers (now coach) like Kevin McHale (Timberwolve's Coach).

You can find Patrick at AM 1500 on your radio dial or if you want to listen while at work.


Chris said...

wow - I can't beleive there are two of us out there who enjoy Reusse.

t-snide said...

Reusse's writing has gotten a little lazy as far as I'm concerned, but he'll be entertaining on the air. Plus, there isn't much competition in this market right now.

I was pretty indifferent to Barreiro in print, too, but have come to enjoy his show over the years.

Mac Noland said...

Yah, I don't read his stuff that much either. But I really do enjoy his radio program.