Thursday, January 08, 2009

A "knowledge worker's" dilemma

If you're curious why I've not been blogging the past few days, it's because as a "knowledge worker" I'm trying to get caught up on the work I had building up for me after eight business days off.

You see, knowledge workers never take a break. We simply delay work by taking days off. Production lines continue to function while production workers take a break. Knowledge workers, on the other hand, have assignments that build while they are gone. And when a knowledge worker returns, they are expected to get caught up.

This is not entirely true, but from what I can tell, it's close enough to reality for me to complain about it.


Scooter said...

I quit taking vacation on Mondays because as a knowledge worker, if you miss a Monday, you just have to get caught up on Tuesday-Friday. If you take off a Friday, this seems to be slightly less true as you can plan for the Friday and people don't generate as much work on that day. I don't have any concrete evidence, but I always find myself working beyond my normal hours after a Monday vacation and very seldom after a Friday vacation.

Mac Noland said...

That's exactly the same feeling I have. Someday I'll try to quantify it and put it in my yearly review.