Friday, December 05, 2008

My &*%$#@ Neighbor

Can someone explain to me why my snow-blowing neighbor would stop tossing snow at our property line and turn around? He knows I live on a large corner and don't have a snow blower. He sees me out there every snow fall busting my butt trying to clear off the sidewalk and bus stop.

A person of average decency would help a neighbor out and run their machine down the sidewalk and back. What a jerk-off.

Fortunately my other neighbor (who shovels like I do) will shovel up to my driveway. I do the same for him. That's what good neighbors do.


Droidtrader said...

You could buy a snowblower, then blow your snow over his freshly plowed sidewalk!

Mac Noland said...

I've given that some thought ;)