Saturday, December 20, 2008


On Saturday my wife, son and I went to the Mall of America. My wife can't stand to shop with us (I don't blame her) so she immediately took off on her own. My son and I promptly headed to Caribou and then to Bloomingdale's.

It was at Bloomingdale's I walked up to the first person I saw and said "I'm here to buy a bath robe. I want it comfortable, in the color pink and wrapped for me. Cost is insignificant." It was the last part that ended up hurting me.

The lady took me to the third floor, near the towels, and modeled a number of nice robes. Knowing I knew nothing of robes, I'm confident she recommended the most expensive brand. It was perfect.

Next she dragged my son and me to the gift wrap. In so many words, she told her colleague, "this nice, handsome, young idiot would like to have his wife's gift wrapped in our finest paper." I didn't see it, but thinking back, the two Bloomingdale's employees had to wink at each other, knowing they were about to screw me.

The gift was wrapped with perfection - as I would later argue. The problem? It cost me $12.83. It was at this point I did some reflection. How in the hell could I tell my wife that I got her robe gift wrapped for $12.83. She might like the robe, but she was going to kill me if she found out about the wrapping.

Would you ever pay $12.83 for gift wrapping? Or did I just get screwed?


Adam Fokken said...

Was it wrapped in gold leaf?

Chandra said...

You really need to inquire about these things first. I will wrap your stuff next time for the low price of $10.00.

momkat said...

You should have gone to Nordstrom--you could have spent even more!

Mac Noland said...

Regular paper. Chandra, I may take you up on your offer next year! With the economy the way it is, I need to save a few buck.

Nordstrom charges more? Is that legal?

David said...

Never again, I have already paid that toll.