Thursday, November 06, 2008

New Jeans

I don't want anyone to know this so I'm putting it on my blog. My wife, unknown to me, bought me 38 waist jeans. She tore off the stickers before putting them in my closet. I knew something was up when she started laughing after I tried them on and commented on how well they fit.

I admit, after having a baby (15 months ago) I've put on a few pounds. However, I didn't think it was enough to justify larger jeans. Sure enough, the 38s fit perfect.

If my dad reads this I'm sure he'll get a chuckle. In revenge of course. As youngsters, my brothers and I, used to call him "38-30". That is; 38 waist, 30 length. His calm response was always "someday you'll be there too."

Sure enough, here I am dad.

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