Tuesday, November 04, 2008

How I voted for President 2008

As some of you know, I'm a Republican and typically vote Republican. It may surprise you that I voted for Obama this morning. Why you might ask?

Environmental: I'm not a big fan of more drilling. And that seems to be the center point of the Republican energy policy. I'd rather invest money in renewable sources and thus Obama's plan is more favorable to my position.

Taxes: I've been taught to believe in supply side economics. That is, tax cuts for the rich (including companies in the rich category) helps drive investment and thus creates more job and grows the economy faster. Thus, I lean towards McCain's tax policy. However, I think the current administration has done such a poor job managing our economy and their supply side agenda, I'm voting for Obama to punish we Republicans for our mistakes. Yes, Yes, Yes, I know this sounds stupid. But while I'm still a believer in supply side, there is a balance with demand side initiatives (e.g. reduce taxes for the commoners) and maybe we need some new ideas.

Social Issues: I probably lean more liberal than anything on social issues. I don't think abortion should be used as a form of birth control, which it is by the way, but don't think it should be illegal either. If you make it illegal, the routine moves to the back alleys. And we don't need that driving up medical costs. Most other social issues I can see both sides. Gay marriage? Who cares. Welfare? Yes we need some, but let's keep it reasonable.

Smarts: While McCain has years of experience and is most likely a very smart person, I think Obama is smarter. And I think he'll hire smarter people. Obama has what I call the Google Factor. Just like Page and Brin when they got started, Obama does not have a lot of experience. However, if you're a really smart person and hire smarter people to work for you (as Page and Brin have), you win. Google is winning over Microsoft and I see Obama wining over McCain today.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Mac, that's great news--I'm glad you came into the light. :)

Between you and my neighbor the Rush Limbaugh fan who told me earlier she voted for Obama, I'm really happy.

Momkat of AV

Mac Noland said...

Well it was a tough decision, but I feel good about it. I think Obama is a better candidate this time around.

David said...
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David said...

Thats good to hear and I am glad you did. But: "Gay marriage? Who cares."

Please clarify.

Mac Noland said...

"Gay marriage? Who cares." - My stance is: why are we spending time talking about this? Don't we have bigger problems to solve?

David said...

So you believe gays should be allowed to marry?

I am sure the gay family I used to live with feels its a pretty big problem. Actually I know it is a big problem because I saw how they had to work around the system regarding health insurance and "guardianship".

Scooter said...

There was a really good presentation on GLBT law at Mac's place of employment a few years ago (at least that's the one I was at) where they talked about just those issues. The guy doing the presenting talked about how their organizations were targeting guardianship and health care rights outside of marriage, so that sooner or later, the whole marriage issue was a foregone conclusion. It was very interesting to hear how many laws are tied to just the word "marriage" and how limiting it is to try to create parallel structures legally.

David said...

The guy doing the presenting talked about how their organizations were targeting guardianship and health care rights outside of marriage, so that sooner or later, the whole marriage issue was a foregone conclusion.

The idea of civil union's seems like an obvious case of separate but equal. With that said, I (sadly) don't believe this is a constitutional right in play here.

However, it seems though, that civil unions maybe a required step in route to full acceptance. I am worried that civil unions will subjugate gay families in the eyes society and thus delay normalization.

I actually take the position by my other brother. That all marriages should be converted to civil unions and allow "marriages" to take place in churches.

Scooter said...

Mac, I believe Phil Duran was the guy who spoke at TR. There's an article with him in MinnPost today - http://www.minnpost.com/stories/2008/11/24/4806/minnesotas_gay_community_purposely_moving_slowly_on_gay_marriage_efforts

Mac Noland said...

"So you believe gays should be allowed to marry?" yes. Now go an petition your congressmen so we can get this stupid conversation over with and move on with our lives.