Thursday, October 16, 2008

Short Day

Short day today. My wife signed us up to get professional pictures taken this afternoon. No, it's not another magazine shoot. We're done with those for a while (maybe).

I've never been one for paying large sums of money for photo shoots. Why? We all have cameras that parallel any device a professional can have. And plus, if you take them yourself, you don't have to pay for the copyright.

But, you know how conversations like this go. Your wife typically wins and so you just keep your mouth shut in hopes she'll let you go golfing this weekend. So be it. At least I get to spend the afternoon with my son.


t-snide said...

Whoah, wait a minute, you might get a round of golf out of this? I'm doing something very wrong...

Mac Noland said...

Yep, round of golf it was. Shot a 85 at Valleywood so all is good ;)