Saturday, October 25, 2008

Observations from the YMCA

While at the gym yesterday morning, I witnessed an elderly man use the Bow Flex in such a manor, one could conclude he was trying to tear the left handle off the wall. Turns out he was just practicing up on his golf swing; both left and right.

Wondering if I was missing out on some new golf training, I took a peek at the eight different workout descriptions labeled on the Bow Flex's front. Not a one of them had the end-user grabbing one handle, bringing it down to a point where you're addressing an invisible ball, taking an uncoordinated backswing and an equally odd looking follow through.

The YMCA always give me good fodder for humor. Especially when going in the morning when all the elderly folks are there. They are all in such a good mood and joyful. Probably been up since 4AM. I get a chuckle out of the people wearing jeans and drinking coffee while, what they consider, "working out."

I probably sound pretentious. Believe me, I'm no workout expert. I'm just making a funny observation on the different approaches people take to working out. I'm sure when I get older, young bucks will have a good chuckle watching me trying to use the rowing machine with my feet.

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