Saturday, October 04, 2008

Extreme Makeover in Hayward

If you missed it, ABC's Extreme Makeover is coming to my home town. This wouldn't be very exciting if I would have grown up in say, Minneapolis. However, I grew up in Hayward, Minnesota (yes there is a Hayward in Minnesota), population 250.

I don't know the family, but I heard that the DeVries family live just a few miles from my parent's. My mom told me last night that they have a "viewing area" which she hopes to go and see today. I asked her to take a few pictures. Especially of Didiayer Snyder, who looks to be a very attractive gal. She said that most of the pictures would be of the construction site. Fair enough.

This might surprise you, but my parent's basement was once filled with television cameras. It's a long story, but after the Hayward area was without electricity during the '91 ice storm, my dad hooked his bike up to the furnace and kept the house warm by peddling. The media were all over it. You'll have to ask me about it sometime. Rumor has it, he even was mentioned on Good Morning America.

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