Saturday, September 06, 2008

Windows Live Wire

Per the recommendation of two colleagues, I’m using Windows Live Wire to write this blog.  It’s pretty awesome.

In the past I wrote my blogs either in an empty Outlook email, TextPad or even Word.  I don’t really like how small the window is for the Blogger editor.  I find the small entry box constraining.

I’m sure there is a plethora of other tools out there.  What do you use to write blogs (or Weblogs as Live Writer calls them).


Scooter said...

What does Windows Live Wire gain me over just scribbling my raw html into Firefox (which does automatic spell checking)?

Mac Noland said...

From my perspective:

1) The editor screen is wider which I like.

2) When adding links, the add link dialog will use your browser history to "help" you fill in URLs.