Friday, September 12, 2008

I’m running Ubuntu now

As of yesterday, 50% of my personal work computers are running Ubuntu Linux.  Being my laptop is my primary machine, I decided to keep it as Windows (for now) and just switch over my secondary machine.

So far I’ve been really impressed.  The install, while a bit slow, went through just perfect.  Everything from video, keyboard, network worked flawlessly.  I was expecting a few issues.

Being that around 60-70% of our server hardware is Linux, I’ve found being on the same platform advantageous.  For example, I’m writing a few shell scripts for starting and stopping Java processes.  Before I had to create a little testing area on a server.  Now I can do all that testing locally on my new machine.

Will I eventually convert my primary PC to Linux?  This may come to some surprise, but I might.  However, in the short-term I plan on keeping one of each.  Do you run Linux?  If so, what has your experience been?

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Micron Gust said...

Hey Mac,

It's great to hear that you're now running Linux -- welcome aboard!

Two of my favorite things about Linux are shell scripting and symbolic links. With shell scripting I'm able to automate some tasks that were pretty tedious before, such as downloading a new build, extracting it, and creating symbolic links to my development projects.

My other favorite thing about Linux is KDE. And, well, actually, it's not just a Linux thing anymore. The KDE team is now making much of KDE available to Windows users as well. I'm still using version 3.5.9 of KDE, but I'll probably try the new 4.1.1 version in about a month when Mandriva 2009 is released.