Monday, September 22, 2008

Golf Ball Hunting at Grand View

Along with my in-laws, I spent the weekend at Grand View Lodge, which sits on Gull Lake near Brainerd.  Grand View is a spectacular vacation spot.  They have three different, world class, golf courses, a large indoor/outdoor swimming pool (with a large slide), outside bar (which was closed for the season) and of course, the lake.

While presented with all these fine amenities, a majority of the weekend’s excitement, for both adults and kids, came from the age old sport of golf ball hunting.  You see our cabin was on the 8th hole of the Pine’s Lakes course.   The 8th hole is an average par four hole that dog legs to the left.  The issue for most golfers is, it’s tight.  Very tight!  Those of us with slices (though mine has waned in recent years) have a propensity to pop a few into the woods.  And over the parking lot, as we found out later.

I’ll take credit for finding the first ball.  While walking my son, I found a Callaway just staring at us.  This may be of a surprise to you, but I really didn’t put two-and-two together until one of the younger kids said “Uncle Mac, do you think there are more golf balls in the woods?” 

“Why sure there is…….  That’s why I was out here in the first place.  Let’s go hunting.”

From that moment on, hunters of all ages were trampling through the woods.  For those of us of age, adult drinks were encouraged.  If you had a baby strapped to your hip, which I did, bring them along.  Golf ball hunting often involved a few scraps and cuts, but who cared.  We’re finding golf balls!

In all we found 200+ balls and one dead deer.  I offered to buy the Titleist Pro-V1’s from my nephews.  That one statement cost me nearly ten bucks. 

All in all, we had a great time.  I think next time we go someplace, the kids will be asking if it’s near a golf course.  And I’ve got a feeling, some of the adults might be asking the same thing.


bosshart said...
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bosshart said...

How much did you pay for the ProV's (per ball)?

Mac Noland said...

$1. Too much?

t-snide said...

Did you get to play at all? I'm heading up to Causeway on Gull Oct permitting, I'm hoping to get a couple rounds in.

bosshart said...

Not too much, those are $4 balls. In fact, tell your suppliers I will pay 1.50 per ball.