Monday, July 14, 2008

Lamenting RC Cola

Last week I looked into the, company provided, pop cooler and saw a dark blue RC Cola can. It had been years since I had an RC. To be honest, I think the last one I had was with my dad almost 20 years ago (or so it seems). My dad now drinks Coke (he went from RC Cola --> Pepsi --> Hy-Vee Cola --> Coke), but back then he was a big RC Cola fan.

I figured RC Cola was dead, but must to my surprise they are up and running. They actually have a colorful history. The Royal Crown business has been around for 103 years. The started off producing a product called Chero-Cola which later, around 1934, turned into what we now know as RC Cola.

I'm not sure what RC's sales numbers are, but I'm guessing they are dwarfed by Coke or Pepsi. However, the product is very good. Why are they smaller than Coke or Pepsi? I surmise that RC Cola got beat out in the fountain business and thus lost a ton of market share and customer preference. Both Pepsi and Coke have locked up most of the fountain business in a America. At a ball game? They either have Coke or Pepsi. RC Cola is no where to be found.

Will RC Cola make a come back? It's safe to say they will in my fridge soon! How about yours?


Scooter said...

How could you assume RC is dead if you go to the MN State Fair? Their booth is right next to the adminstration area. If you have the coupon book for the Fair, you can even get two for the price of one.

Mac Noland said...

To be honest, I never knew. I guess my usual intoxication causes me to overlook some of the finer amenities of the fair. Thanks for enlightening me!!