Thursday, June 26, 2008

Eight Bike Racks

While walking in after my daily constitutional, I noticed no fewer than eight bike racks by the central entrance of our campus. Three of them looked to be very new. In past summers I don't remember ever having bike racks near this particular door. If there were any, it had to be one or two stuck back in the corner collecting weeds.

I'm starting to think that $4 gas is catching up with people. Even lazy people. I admittedly thought that $2 and then $3 gas would curve driving. It may have, but not as much as $4.

There is a silver lining to high energy prices. By encouraging us to walk and ride bikes, Americans may actually start losing weight. After thirty years of growing fat, we've finally found a weight loss solution that may work. Raise energy prices to the point where people can't afford to be lazy. It's brilliant!

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