Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Darien Plan

I've got to keep things short today. Another long day of meetings.

A few days ago we just found out that my cousin and his wife quit their jobs and are planning on driving their modified vehicle to Tierra del Fuego, the tip of South America. You can get a review of their car and the Darien Plan, as they call the trip, on their blog. While they have not posted recently, I expect they will all keep us abreast of their travels.

I asked my wife if she would be in something similar. The stare I got answered my question in full. Someday I'll be trying the Darien Plan, or an equivalent adventure, by myself.


Daniel Zuazaga said...

Hey! That's in my country! :)
Although I've never been in that place, I know it's a great spot to visit.
I hope they'll make a good trip plan if they're going along 40 Road (take fuel drums! there are not a lot of filling stations in that road :P)

Mac Noland said...

Hey Dan!

Yes, I have a feeling they will need to pack plenty of gas!

How much is a liter of gas down there? It's $4 a gallon here now. I think that would be about $1.5 a liter maybe?