Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Back in the 80s

We have afternoon meetings today (and tomorrow) so I have to keep things short.

Sunday, I finally got back in the 80s with my golf game. It was a non-fantastic 89 at Valleywood Golf Course in Apple Valley. I shot a 47 on the front with two triple bogeys. Then a 42 on the back with one double bogey, four singles, and four pars. I'll take it as the back nine is pretty tough.

Why is this worth a blog note? Because it took me six rounds to get here and I'm playing with brand new, super expensive, clubs (i.e. Ping G10). Last year I shot my first bogey (or under) round in April with a used set that don't even fit my swing. Consider this if you're out shopping for new clubs.

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tsnide said...

Hey Mac,

Funny thing about new clubs. This year, I was contemplating making one of the new Snake Eyes models from Golfsmith as I like to do. My wife wanted me to buy a name brand, like Taylor Made, which would be my first high-tech OEM driver ever. So being the man of the house that I am, I of course got the Taylor Made Burner driver.

I loved it on the launch monitor and hitting net. Hated it on the course. I changed shafts to a heavier, slightly lower-torque shaft, and hated that too.

So after getting smoked in league last night (I don't mean to blame the club, but my drives found tree trouble four times in six holes), I went home and found the nice UPS guy had delivered my new Aldila NV 70 X-Stiff, the shaft I used the last two years. We'll see how the Burner works with that.

I could have had that shaft from the get-go for $60 extra bucks on top of the $299 price, but I thought I'd save some money. As Happy Gilmore said to Chubbs Peterson: "Good call there!"