Friday, June 13, 2008

Almost Smoke Free

The U.S. Open has decided to go smoke free, kind of. Members of the gallery who are caught smoking are subject to a $100 fine. Being I don't smoke, I'm actually in favor of this ruling.

In a bout of hypocrisy though, an exemption was made for the players, cadies "and others inside the ropes that keep spectators off the course." Let me get this right; if you are a lowly spectator you can't smoke. But if you're playing golf, carrying golf bags or holding a rope fence up, feel free to smoke away?

It sounds as if the USGA tried to get everyone exempt, but the good people in California felt only the plutocratic players were worthy of smoking in public. Once again, the rich and powerful win. Or lose, as I've heard smoking will kill you. Maybe us little people came out on top?

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