Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Up in flames

It took eight years to see my first car fire at work. That's walking through the parking lot, full of 5,500+ cars, almost 1,900 times. Given the blaze yesterday, it was well worth it.

The car was parked in the "Visitor" section. I was hoping it belonged to a sales representative, but seeing the "University of <Something>" from a distance (safety first you know), I figured it was an interviewer. About a half-an-hour after the local fire department extinguished the blaze, I saw a young gale dressed in a business suite frantically talk to security. I'm assuming she was wondering why her car's entire front half was melted.

I'm guessing this might have wrecked her day. Though it makes for a great story.

"How'd that interview go?"

"Well to be honest, it pretty much went up in flames. Literally."

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