Thursday, May 29, 2008

Scott McClellan

Some of Scott McClellan's recent comments are to sell books. If an author can create controversy around the subject they're writing about, more power to them. They sell more books that way.

However, I get the feeling that Mr. McClellan is correct on some of his statements. While I voted for Bush twice, one of the many things I don't like about his management, is how he avoids listening to "other" ideas. He comes across as a person that will only listen to those he sees as "trusted advisors." I think he might have listened to Rove and Cheney to much and thus got himself, and us, in a number of messes.

The idea of new thoughts falling on management's hallow ears is nothing new. Large corporations run into this all the time. Then companies like Google come along and blow them out of the water. Instead of Bush pushing out people who had "other" ideas, he should have kept them close to him and listened. While he didn't have to endorse the "other" ideas, he should have at least listened. I think a lot of what Mr. McClellan is saying is based on this simple idea.

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