Saturday, May 24, 2008

"Moral Hypocrites"

The Pioneer Press reports that anti-drug, anti-violence, and motivational speaker Russell Simon Jr. is facing attempted murder charges. Apparently he and a buddy were out drinking. Afterwards they went back to Simon's house where Simon stripped naked and started shooting his gun at the friend and Simon's girlfriend. Not only is Simon back to drinking and firing guns, his girlfriend says he's back using drugs as well. Hence the nakedness maybe?

Mr. Simon has his own website. Here he states "Russell J. Simon Jr. is a dynamic speaker who talks to over 250,000 teens and parents throughout the U.S. each year on being set free from cycles of drug/alcohol abuse, addiction, and violence..... He gets to the core issues of life on a gut level." Where can we sign up!

Being the ever optimist, maybe Mr. Simon was out of material and needed more experiences to share? Or maybe he's just one of the many people who continue to fall into a group I'm calling "moral hypocrites." That is, people who are adamantly apposing some moral wrong, are most likely covering up for acting morally wrong.

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Scooter said...

Maybe the opposing pushes those things into your life. I oppose beer, bicycling, reading, vacation and lots of sex...waiting...waiting... damn.