Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Finals are over!

Remember back in college when you used to head to the liquor store the night before your last final just to make sure there wasn't a chance the store, or any of their competitors, would run out of libation? It was a risk you felt needed mitigation.

Tonight I just finished my last, and only, final of the spring semester. Being I avoid summer classes like a plague, no more school readings or papers for the rest of the summer. It feels pretty damn good.

Unlike my undergraduate days though, I didn't prepare and stock up with liquor last night. Now that I'm married, have a child, am responsible for 50% of a house payment and am expected to be at work around 8AM every morning, my preparation for finals week (actually day for me) was to simply make a peanut butter sandwich for lunch. What ever happen to those glory days when the drinking started as soon as you handed in the test?

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