Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Last day of being a single parent

Today is my last day as a single parent for a while. My wife has been on the left coast for business while my son and I slowly destroyed the house.

Being a single parent is hard. For example, in the morning I usually feed our eight-month-old son while my wife showers. We then trade spots so I can scrub.

While I’m washing, my wife changes his cloths. Then I go eat. After I eat, she hands him off to me so we can race off to daycare while she finishes getting ready for work. Doing all these tasks by myself was a challenge.

What's really amazing is that some single parents do this everyday. And while I have just one son, there are single parents, like my second cousin, who are raising two kids by themselves. Obviously some others do even more than that.

I'm sure glad my wife it back today. And if my son could speak, I'm sure he'd agree.

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